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Keren Yishai, POB 71177, Jerusalem 91079


Listening to the Shiur

You can listen to the Rav's shiur with our Audio files, which will be posted on our Listen to the Shiur and Archives pages by Wednesday of the applicable Shabbat.

Special Shiurim

You can find a section on special shiurim for the chagim in our archives.


For some time we have brought the unique shiurim of Rabbi Motti Eilon to those of you who are unable to attend his lectures in person. From the many letters you have sent us, we know how much you appreciate this service and we have been happy to provide it.

We now appeal to you to contribute generously in order that our site can continue to operate and supply the services you currently enjoy: free faxing of the mekorot, audio recordings of the shiurim and downloadable files of the shiurim in Hebrew and English.

The site is very costly to maintain and we have many plans to continue developing the site which we have yet to implement.

Every donation will be gratefully received, and will immediately help us continue operating. Please send all donations to:

Keren Yishai
P.O. Box 71177
Jerusalem 91079

Or directly to the bank:

Bank Hapoalim
Account number: 157324
Branch: 690
King George Street

Or click the button below to make a donation via Pay Pal.

Available Products

1. CD Rom of Rav Elon's past shiurim, plus shiurim from other leading Rabbis, for only NIS 150.

2. Casette tapes of all Rav Elon's shiurim at Machon Shai. For a catalog and details call 03-5347340.

Please send orders with check and return address to Keren Yishai, P.O. Box 71177, Jerusalem 91079, Israel.

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