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Keren Yishai

Amutat Yishai is a non-profit organization that has grown out of the perceived need for a new forum for dialog between Jews from all walks of life, all ethnic origins, religious beliefs and political views.

The amuta was established by friends of Rabbi Elon who perceive him as a spiritual and social leader capable of breaching the walls that separate one Jew from another.

It is easy to catalog people and apply labels - left and right, east and west, religious and secular - but doing so jeopardizes relations between the various sectors of Israeli society and breeds mistrust and suspicion. When name calling and generalization become the order of the day, it is but one short step to alienation, hatred and the frightful abyss of total segregation.

We need a new way of thinking, a message of truth that can burst through these twisted boundaries and reveal that we are all members of the same nation, a message that can emphasize what is common to us all and what unites us all.

We need people who stand tall, who know how to speak plainly both to the public and to the individual, while demonstrating respect and esteem for their fellows and operating under the assumption that "we are all loved".

We need educators who demonstrate the Torah in their daily lives, who are living proof that the Torah deals with matters between man and his fellow man no less than with Kashrut and teffilin, that the Torah can illuminate the life of both the individual and the nation in the modern era, in the deepest and most profound manner.

Amutat Yishai believes that Rabbi Mordechai Elon is in vanguard of this approach. As rabbi and teacher he has influenced many pupils to follow his path.

The Amuta itself has set itself the goal of advancing and promoting Rabbi Elon's many enterprises and supporting them in every possible way.

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