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Rav Mordechai Elon

Rav Mordechai Elon is a highly regarded rabbi and a teacher of enormous popular appeal. Not only is he renowned for his learning, he is a distinguished leader, admired and respected by people in all walks of life. With his ready smile and attentive demeanor, he is never too busy to listen to others, to explain, to advise and to teach.

Rav Elon is a gifted teacher, with the ability to touch the innermost core of the many who throng to hear him. Old and young, religious and secular, right-wing and left-wing, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, all come to learn Torah from his lips, and the Rav welcomes them all.

Those who attend his sermons, classes and lectures reflect the entire spectrum of "amcha beit Yisrael". All social distinctions fall away in the large crowd of participants.

Rav Elon is a man of many facets. He heads Yeshivat HaKotel in Jerusalem's Old City, widely recognized as one of the country's leading hesder yeshivas. In addition, Rav Elon travels throughout the country, and often abroad as well, to offer his encouragement, direction and guidance to all who turn to him for advice and help.

Of all his many lectures and shiurim, the "jewel in the crown" is his weekly dissertation on parshat hashavua, delivered twice weekly in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. People flock to this shiur from far and wide, while thousands more tune in regularly to hear the live radio broadcast. Pages of source material are available free of charge for distribution to private individuals, institutions and schools.

Another weekly shiur is televised every Friday - one more channel linking Rav Elon with the thousands who absorb his ethical, moral and spiritual teachings.

Our ultimate goal is to set up a Torah Education Center, accessible to those who are seriously seeking to explore the scope of their heritage in depth, in a fostering and supportive environment. This Center aims to generate optimal conditions for Rav Elon's many students who see in him a leader of great spiritual range and force, with the ability to unify people. To this end a "beit midrash" was recently established, offering a wide variety of shirum to the general public throughout the week, alongside the "kollel" where students can study at all hours of the day.

At the same time, the Center is developing a wide range of social activities. This is the basis on which, the entire systems rests - expressing concern for the individual and for society as a whole, nurturing unity and harmony, and reinforcing the concept of a Jewish, democratic State of Israel.

We are now working to expand and enhance this project. With your help and with the assistance of an ever increasing number of friends around the world, we aim to convey Rav Elon's message to more and more of the Israeli public.


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